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The Mission:
We are on a mission to help more than 1,000 private practices open nation-wide by 2022, removing barriers so therapists can serve the client populations they care most about.  
We're Dustin and Laura Gransberry. We teach therapists how to open and succeed in private practice, allowing clinicians to focus on working with the client populations they most want to serve. 

We met three years ago and quickly realized we had stumbled upon something truly special. We have been inseparable ever since. We love to dream together and help others achieve their goals. One day while talking about how we could have a greater positive impact on society, Laura shared the statistics on how many clinicians were expected to retire in the coming years and the impact that would have on the field of therapy. We became inspired to help clinicians to open a practice for themselves and gain control of their schedules, stress level, and finances. 

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meet the Creators
I began my journey as a therapist at Antioch University. I received wonderful training from an amazing community. After graduation I worked for several years at an eating disorder clinic north of Seattle, later joining other agencies and clinics. Private practice had always been my dream, but I did not know how to make it a reality. I felt frustrated and trapped. My partner, Dustin, asked me what what keeping me from making the leap to start my own business. The answer was simple: I was uneducated about the process, I did not know about the business side of therapy, and I was scared to leave the security of my salaried job. Through conversations with Dustin, I was able to gain the courage to embark on the journey to private practice. The learning curve in my first year of business was intense, but I believe with the right education anyone can do it. I now have a thriving practice, and want to share what I have learned to help others on their path to business ownership.
I started selling at age 5, going door to door around my neighborhood, smiling, and asking, "what would you like to buy?" I have focused the majority of my life studying business and entrepreneurship, and have started numerous businesses. My experience around private practice start-up began in 2011 when I started a health coaching and nutrition practice. I gained key insights into how to build systems for marketing and client acquisition. Though my practice was successful ultimately my path led me elsewhere, and when I met Laura I was consulting on sales operations for technology start-ups. When Laura was struggling at her job due to stress, schedule, and finances, I knew that I could help. We combined our knowledge and skills, and set out to launch her dream of owning her private practice. We learned a lot through the process of launching and building the business. Now we want to share these lessons and techniques with you, to help you open a thriving practice of your own.
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